artist statement

Iris Dittler´s work can be located at the point of intersection between contemporary dance and visual art practices. She investigates physical states in various media like drawing, installation and performance.
The focus lies on the perception of the body, sentiently felt configurations of tensions and tactile – kinaesthetic experiences. She is interested in what can be found there in latency as an internal physical and psychological architecture. Her drawings can be seen as seismographic notations of those internal processes. The objects are manifestations of physical states in collision with the material of the everyday world.

Her installations are choreographed situations. Groups of objects are set into spatial relations and frequently presented in combination with live performances. She is interested in how a sequence of gestures can create a body and reflect upon what it actually means to make a sculpture. Her projects are process-oriented and demand an active confrontation with the given architectural space. She oscillates between galleries and theatre spaces, creating site-specific installations for the audience to be drawn back to their own physical constitution in the very presence.

studio das weisse haus