performance and installation, dimensions variable, installation view le Centre d ́Art 3bisf, Aix - en Provence, France, 2017, photo: Eva Asaad
Evoking the past, ‘issir’ is a verb borrowed from the Old French, of which today only a shortened form ‘issu’ (in the French) remains. It can be translated into English as ‘to get out’ or ‘to escape’. Thus, the title of the exhibition, Issir – bears witness to a movement, from the interior towards the exterior. A movement that literally opens a breach in the body’s memory, at once sensitive and anatomical. [...]
From the earliest forms created by Iris Dittler to the objects produced in the context of her residency at 3 bis f, her entire formal vocabulary may be said to constantly move back and forth between the body (her body), thought (the object as idea), and the object (proper). The latter is born at a point in the body, and is sometimes a line or a posture. Its plastic properties and proportions are meticulously tested.
This is why, before the artwork, composed from the perfect equilibrium between clean, straight and curved lines, empty and full, transparency (Plexiglas, silicone, etc.) and so-called poor materials (copper, lead, aluminium, plastic, etc.), an overwhelming organic sensation dominates, a sensation that is at once a membrane, envelope, frame, and skeleton. When her works are born from tools, or from objects made for a specific purpose, some of these, through the addition or subtraction of materials, prove to be ineffective, undermined, as in the last series entitled ‘Reversed Instruments’
In the exhibition space, the works stand on their own, all on the one level; they are placed in showcases, crates, or arranged on large, solid immaculate surfaces. Their proportions extend the sculptural experience beyond the object so as to take into account the proportions of the body, and to receive it.

still/detail of the performance of ISSIR-
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